Does laser treatment hurt?

It depends on the laser to be used, however patients often liken it to being flicked with an elastic band. Cool air can help with this. For a laser treatment that is more painful you will be offered numbing cream or a local anaesthetic injection.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the condition, and the laser used. For hair and tattoo removal we recommend at least 4 to 6 treatments at 4 to 8 weeks apart, but you will have a discussion about this on your initial consultation.

How much will it cost?

Please see our latest price list.

Can I have laser treatment if I am tanned?

No, the colour in your skin will affect the response of the Laser, and will increase the chance of side effects.

Can I have laser treatment when I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Although there is no scientific reason to delay treatment, it is wise not to embark on non-essential treatment at this time.

I have a dark skin colour, can I have laser treatment?

The modern lasers are more efficient at treating darker skins, however there is a higher risk of side effects.

I am taking medication, can I have laser treatment?

Some antibiotic and light sensitive drugs can affect your treatment. This will be discussed at your initial consultation